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Savings & Rewards Card

Uniformity Savings & Rewards Scheme


We at Uniformity are always trying to find ways of improving our service for our customers and our Savings & Rewards program is another step forward to doing that. This dual purpose card is the first of its kind in school uniforms and it is our way of rewarding you for your custom over the coming years.Uniformity Savings & Reward Card


The function of this Savings and Reward Card is comprised of two elements; you SAVE your money and we REWARD you for your custom. How Does the Saver’s Club Work? It’s easier than topping up your mobile phone! You can present your card and purchase a `top-up’ of any value you wish and the total is then stored on your card for future purchases. This is a great way to spread the cost of back to school over a year and avoid the `one off’ payment that becomes inflated with the purchase of school books and stationary, etc. You can `top-up’ your savings either in store or online to make it as pain-free as possible.


How Do you get Rewarded?


Our reward card works like most reward cards in that every purchase you make with your card, the total value of your purchase is converted into points whereby one euro is equal to one point. Where our reward card differs from most is that instead of offering a monetary value of one point is worth 1 cent like most establishments, we are offering one point earned to equal 2 cent! We will also be offering double and triple points during promotional weeks throughout the year and once you have signed up to the Savings and Reward Card, you will be notified in advance of such promotions.




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