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Welcome Rockwell College Parents

At Uniformity, we have been suppling many of Ireland's schools for over 50 years and are delighted to partner with Rockwell College and its parents. We have worked closely with the Rockwell College team and our partners at Canterbury to supply a quality sports uniform that we hope the students will enjoy wearing and will perform both on and off the field.

We have tried to make the online shopping experience as simple for parents as possible. Here we have created a page that is specific to each students gender and chosen sports discipline. Please click the quick-links below to see exactly what your child's sports uniform requirements are for their chosen sport. If you are unsure of the correct size we have provided a simple size guide that will help you quickly establish the correct size for your child.

At Uniformity we welcome any queries or feedback you may have; Simply email us at

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Rockwell Kitbag


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